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Irish Bebras Computing Contest (IBCC)

An Online International Computational Thinking Challenge for Primary and Second Level School Students

Dr. Michael A. Cotter founded BEBRAS IRELAND and is the current PRESIDENT. He attended the 9th International Bebras Task Workshop in Torun, Poland in June 2013 and on his return invited Irish teachers and students to participate in the 1st Irish Bebras Computing Contest (IBCC) during World-Wide Bebras Week (November 11th-15th 2013). Over 3,141 students from the Republic of Ireland and from Northern Ireland took part.

Participation in IBCC 2013 was free of charge (All costs were absorbed by the Founder/President). Over the next year the Founder/President sought sponsorship to cover the costs of running IBCC but without success.

In 2014 a registration fee of €2 per student was introduced. The number of participants dropped to 1,362.

The Founder/President is continuing to seek sponsorship. In the meantime he has taken the difficult decision to defer Ireland’s participation in BEBRAS until a sponsor has been found.

Should any company or individual wish to sponsor the Irish Bebras Computing Contest (IBCC) please contact the Founder/President, Dr. Michael A. Cotter

The goal of the Founder/President, Dr. Michael A. Cotter, is to make this international contest accessible to all Irish students.  Thus, the aim of IBCC is to ensure that participation in BEBRAS is free of charge, is open to students both from the Republic of Ireland and from Northern Ireland and is available to students attending Primary Schools, Second Level Schools and/or being Home-Schooled, as was the case in 2013. In this way, participation in IBCC and in the International Computing Challenge, Bebras, by the largest possible number of Irish students, north and south, irrespective of circumstance, can be achieved.

Bebras Ireland Logo, designed by Dr. Michael A. CotterBebras Ireland Logo, designed by Dr. Michael A. Cotter

IBCC is a partner in the International Bebras Computing Contest